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Little prick with a big impact


  • cannot be made by the human body itself
  • they need to be obtained via the diet
  • are needed to maintain many vital functions, so symptoms of deficiency are very diverse and unspecific, in the case of vitamin B deficiency symptoms are often psychological in nature

Not all the vitamins we swallow also reach the blood, the capacity of the digestive tract to absorb them is limited.

They are also obstructed by:

  • Inflammation of the gastro-intestinal mucosa
  • Medicines to protect the stomach
  • Incorrect composition of the intestinal flora (dysbiosis)
  • Vegetarians (vegetarian food contains almost no vitamin B12)
  • Taking various drugs (e.g. medicines to protect the stomach  For hormonal contraception, some antibiotics, some psychotropic drugs)
  • Increased consumption of alcohol
  • Various disorders due to increased demand or reduction of the capacity to absorb
  • Stress

In many cases vitamins are required to be supplied as injections or infusions - for example:

  • Pronounced deficiency
  • Some existing underlying diseases
  • Increased demand

Consult your physician or alternative practitioner.

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