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Stress - Inner peace from nature

Hard times for the psyche

Nervous symptoms, over-excitability, exhaustion and thoughts going round in circles due to stress are very common in the hectic times we live in. It often seems impossible to eliminate the causes - everyday life almost impossible to control. 

The burden can also take a physical toll:

  • Muscle tension
  • Tachycardia
  • Blood pressure trouble
  • Digestive problems, irritable stomach and irritable colon
  • General feeling of being overburdened and malaise

The more tense we are, the less we can cope with day-to-day demands.

Natural support for more rest and calm in everyday life
Herbal drugs can give speedy help in reinforcing the psyche. The passion flower can introduce a noticeable easing of tension in stressful periods within half an hour.

Passion flower herb extract is the highly concentrated active substance in

PASCOFLAIR®: Strong company if stress is dictating your life.

  • inner serenity
  • fast action*
  • excellent tolerance**
  • Concentration and performance are retained

Herbal drug for calming nervous anxiety

  • Aged 12 or above
  • lactose-free

Unsurpassed!*** Nothing has more passion flower per tablet!*
*Dimpfel, W., K. Koch, et al. (2012). „Single Dose Effects of PASCOFLAIR® on Current Source Density (CSD) of Human EEG.“ Neuroscience & Medicine, 3: 130-140.
** Side effect potential is lower than 0.01%
*** In relation to the quantity of passion flower extract per tablet (IH-Galaxy)

Better master multiple pressures
Women, in particular, are often affected: Family and work often give rise to strain and stress.

  • Listen to signals from your body: Find out what really does you good and look after yourself!
  • Do not judge yourself too harshly, nobody is perfect
  • Make space in your diary, perhaps also clear your whole surroundings of unnecessary ballast
  • Introduce more rest into your life, take deliberate breaks
  • Restrict your television and computer consumption, instead spend more active-relaxed time with friends and family
  • Learn and do regular relaxation exercises (yoga, autogenic training, tai chi) which are appropriate for you or also take forest walks and swimming.