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Sleep disorders? - Get some rest naturally

What causes sleep disorders

The reasons why soon 1 in 7 inhabitants of Germany will be afflicted by a sleep disorder requiring therapy are diverse and complex. This includes:

  • nerve cells in an increased state of excitation
  • never-ending swirl of thoughts
  • alcohol consumption – helps you get to sleep, but stops you getting a full night's sleep
  • psychological or organic underlying diseases


Sleep is a vital state of rest without which the mind and body cannot regenerate. Permanent sleep disorders can leave lasting traces. The outcome of which can be:

  • Exhaustion
  • Poor concentration and memory, reduced performance
  • Loss of motivation
  • Irritability, anxiety, imbalance
  • Increased susceptibility to illness

Homeopathic drugs help to counter difficulty getting to sleep and nervousness by good gentle means. They are devoid of the risk of dependence or personality changes. PASCONAL® Nerve Drops contain a combination of individual homeopathic substances which have a calming effect.

PASCONAL® Nerve Drops
Homeopathic drug for nervous disorders and sleep disorders with nervousness

  • Aged and above 1
  • lactose free
  • Go for a walk in the evening.
  • Have a light and early evening meal.
  • Air your bedroom properly before going to bed.
  • Ban all items from your bedroom that remind you of work and stress.
  • Take all electrical devices (cell phone, TV set, digital alarm clock...) out of your bedroom.
  • If you need to get up at night, keep the lighting at a low level
  • Implement a pre-sleep ritual to help you wind down and get ready to sleep.
  • Learn and use a relaxation routine.
  • Do not attempt to will yourself to sleep. If you are unable to get to sleep, read a book or note down the thoughts which have you in their grip.