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Constipation, sluggish bowel - Create relief naturally

Constipation - Back to the dawn of mankind

The medical profession terms is obstipation - Sufferers feel blocked. This phenomenon has been with us for a long time: The first known records on treatment for a sluggish bowel come from Egypt and date back to 2000 B.C..

Nowadays obstipation has become a bona fide common disease. Some 30% of the inhabitants of industrial nations suffer chronically or occasionally from constipation. Women are more frequently affected than men; the elderly more often than young people.

What is normal?

A healthy bowel movement frequency is somewhere between 3x a day and 3x a week. The wide range is due to diverse individual factors and depends on a person's diet: The more fiber ingested through food, the greater the amount of stool.

There is typically a link to lack of movement of or inability to move the intestinal region: Intestine sluggishness. The following factors can be responsible:

  • andere Grunderkrankungen wie
    • Darm-Entzündungen
    • Schilddrüsen-Unterfunktion
    • psychische Erkrankungen
  • Nebenwirkung verschiedener Medikamente
  • Funktionsstörungen der Muskulatur
  • Stress
  • Veränderung der alltäglichen Gewohnheiten (Reisen)
  • Mangel an
    • Ballaststoffen in der Nahrung
    • Flüssigkeit
    • Bewegung

First get the cause evaluated, then support bowel activity. Laxatives should only be taken for short periods. Taken chronically, laxatives can impact adversely on the body’s electrolyte and fluid balance.

LEGAPAS®, a herbal, stimulating laxative, can be used to treat transient constipation. The effective constituent of LEGAPAS® is an extract of cascara bark which is obtained from the American black alder Rhamnus purshiana. This plant was already used as a laxative by of the Native Americans.

Advice on constipation not involving drugs
Intestinal inertia can often be benefited by a change in lifestyle.

  • Eat abundant dietary fiber: High proportion of wholemeal products, fruit and vegetables
  • Drink sufficient quantities
  • Get a lot of exercise (trampoline!)
  • Avoid continuous stress

Herbal stimulating laxative for short term elimination of constipation

LEGAPAS® Tablets

  • Aged 12 and above
  • Contains lactose

Herbal stimulating laxative

  • Aged 12 and above
  • lactose-free