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Arthritis? Painful musculoskeletal system?

More mobility for your joints

  • Almost 1 in 3 of people aged 40-50
  • every second person aged over 60
  • 90% of those aged over 70

Arthritis is the result of joint cartilage wear and tear. Knee and shoulder joints are mostly affected, but also frequently the hands, hips, feet, elbows and ankle joints.

  • Malpositions of joints or - incorrect loading
  • injuries  
  • overloading (weight, sport, job)
  • inflammations
  • lack of exercise

Herbal medicine for joint pain: Devil's claw
The diverse effects of the African devil's claw Harpagophytum procumbens have been valued in Europe since the 1950s. Devil's claw was used in South African ethnomedicine for

  • digestive trouble
  • fever
  • skin inflammations
  • pain

It has also proven successful in Europe as support in joint disease and digestive trouble. The herbal drug PASCOE® Agil 240 mg (tablets) contains extract of devil's claw and is individually dosable.

  • PASCOE-Agil® 240mg

Herbal drug for adjuvant therapy for wear and tear to the musculoskeletal system

  • Adults aged 18 or over:
  • Contains lactose

ADVICE for better mobility and less pain

  • "A rolling stone gathers no moss": Get plenty of exercise! Choose sports that are easy on the joints and involve the whole body such as swimming, dancing, hiking or cycling.
  • Maintain a normal body weight!
  • Talk to your doctor about such things as physiotherapy, fango (mud) packs, electrotherapy, exercise therapy in warm water and ways to relieve weight-bearing joints (walking aids, weight reduction)
  • Eat a diet that has abundant vitamins, minerals and alkalis, but is low in meat
  • Use quark- or healing earth packs to relieve pain