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Menstrual disorders, period pain – Back to being a harmonious woman

Menstrual problems are normal

Hormonal interaction, which is responsible for a regular and asymptomatic menstrual cycle, is affected by many factors. So, menstrual disorders are very frequent. The symptoms range from an irregular cycle through mood changes during the days before the period to painful or extended menstrual bleeding.

Regulate menstruation naturally
Natural medicine enables a woman to gently regulate  and influence her hormone balance without using hormones. Many medicinal plants have proven successful here. The most important ingredients are combined in the PASCOFEMIN product family.

Homeopathic drugs enable women suffering menstrual disorders to harmonize their cycle naturally and without using hormones.

For disorders affecting menstruation homeopathic drugs such as PASCOFEMIN® tablets or PASCOFEMIN® SL Drops help you to restore your rhythm.


  • Aged 12 and above
  • lactose-free


  • Aged 12 and above

Spend your days at ease
If you suffer severe cramps during your periods, you can relieve them using PASCOFEMIN® Spasmo.

  • Aged and above 12
  • lactose-free
  • Avoid strong physical strain
  • If you are prone to water deposits and breast pain: Eat preferably low-salt, light food before and during menstruation
  • Take short walks
  • Relieve cramp-like pain by applying heat: Hot-water bottle, moist-warm compresses, cherry stone pillows, melissa baths
  • Learn and take regular relaxation measures (yoga, autogenic training, meditation).