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Lymph nodes: Control centers of the immune system

Lymph nodes are filter stations and sites where all immune reactions are coordinated – just like the tonsils in the throat area. Here the lymph is cleaned, i.e. pathogens and damaging substances are broken down. In addition, defense cells (lymphocytes) may be activated and replicated.
Swollen lymph nodes evidence high activity on the part of the lymphatic system.

A strong immune system relies on a strong lymphatic system

Homeopathic drug for the adjuvant treatment of infections of the upper respiratory system, especially involving the local lymphatic system.


  • Aged 1 and above
  • Lactose free

Homeopathic drug for use on the skin, supports the local lymphatic system during infections of the nasal and throat area

LYMPHDIARAL® sensitiv Cream N

  • Aged 2 and above



Natural medicine to stabilize the lymphatic system

Swollen lymph nodes? – Support the lymphatic and immune system

The lymphatic system: Our health's running track

The lymphatic vessels of the lymphatic system run throughout our body. The tiniest lymphatic vessels - like drainpipes - retrieve fluid, immune cells and dissolved or deposited substances from the tissue to form lymph. It flows through the ever widening lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. It flows into the blood close to the heart.