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Cardiovascular symptoms?

Support for heart, blood vessels and circulation

The heart pumps our lifeblood through our  blood vessels and thus ensures that every cell in the body is supplied. Cardiovascular disorders vary extremely and affect very many people - no longer just elderly people. 

Some people's cardiovascular system has trouble with:

  • Heat, bad air
  • Exertion,
  • Too little liquid

The perceived consequences can be:

  • Vertigo
  • Feeling of weakness
  • Declining physical performance
  • Circulatory collapse

It is important to have a doctor clarify the causes. Drugs may have to be taken to stabilize the heart and/or the circulation immediately and sustainably.

Herbally powered natural support for the heart and circulation!

Many plants support cardiac function and the circulation. The homeopathic drug CORVIPAS® SL optimally combines the ones which are most important:

  • Arnica: Mountain arnica - rare
  • Cactus: Queen of the night - the liberator
  • Crataegus monogyna: White thorn – the cardiotonic
  • Camphora: Camphor - the heart stimulator
  • Veratrum album: White hellebore - the circulation booster
  • Scilla: Red squill - the heart onion
  • Strophanthus: Strophanthus gratus-seed - the cardiotonic

CORVIPAS® SL can help to reinforce the temporarily weakened circulation.

  • Plenty of exercise: Preferably long walks than intensive sport!
  • Varied diet: Preferably fresh fruit and vegetables than fatty pork!