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Tension headache and migraine - Keeping a clear head

Tension headache and migraine?

The exact distinction is more important to selecting the right chemical-synthetic drug than to the sufferer himself, because both forms can cause excruciating pain. The unilateral headache, which is often accompanied by nausea and photosensitivity, is typical for migraine.

There are various triggers

Stress, and also untypical rest periods, tensions, hormonal fluctuations, certain foodstuffs, change in the weather… There are many triggers for a severe headache. Reaching for a headache tablet is especially common among women. This usually does not matter as long as it is restricted to occasional emergencies. If you suffer from frequent headaches, you really should try to track down the cause.

Ease headaches - in a naturally gentle and lasting manner!
Homeopathic complex remedies can contribute to long-term retuning of the body's reaction. They are not only targeted at providing rapid pain relief, but they help harmonize the body. Therefore, they are best used for a 2- to 3-month period as a regulating treatment aimed at retuning the body. But it is also possible to take frequent small doses to ward off an impending bout of headaches. Please discuss this with your doctor or alternative practitioner.

The homeopathic combination remedy ANTIMIGREN® SL Drops/Tablets contains 4 herbal active substances. It is suitable as a retuning therapy for migraine-like headaches and to ward off an impending bout of headaches.

  • Place a cold compress on your forehead
  • Rub your forehead and temples with peppermint oil
  • Allow yourself some rest and relaxation
  • Get plenty of exercise – in the open air whenever possible
  • Get a massage to loosen up that tense neck
  • Alternate hot (long) and cold (short) foot baths
  • Watch out for possible food intolerances
  • Always ensure an adequate intake of magnesium
  • At an early stage, a cup of strong coffee with lemon or vitamin C and magnesium might help avert an attack