By Bärbel Tschech ,

Cold or sinusitis?

During a cold the mucous membranes in the nasal region swell up and discharge a secretion. You therefore either get a blocked or runny nose. If the infection spreads to the air-filled cavities in the jaw, nose or forehead region, the sinuses become inflamed, i.e. sinusitis develops.

The swollen mucous membranes obstruct the necessary drainage of the secretion.



This frequently results in:

  •  Pressure pain
  • Greater sensitivity in these Areas
  • Impeded nasal breathing
  • Headaches especially when bending over

Herbally powered free breathing

The strong effect of the Sponge cucumber (Luffa operculata) on mucous membranes was valued back among the early Colombian natives. Loofa has had a very good track record with mucous membrane swellings in homoeopathy, too. In the complex remedy Sinupas®, Luffa operculata has been combined with the mucous membrane remedies Euphorbium and Kreosotum.

Further advice:

  • Increase the humidity in your bedroom.
  • Try a nasal shower with salt water (available in pharmacies, health food shops).
  • Only use decongestant nasal drops or nasal sprays if you must and only briefly.
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