By Bärbel Tschech , 26.03.2021

Coughs: Protective reflex and demon in one

The body reacts to respiratory irritation by coughing: The mucus which is produced is able to remove foreign matter from the airways. So, coughing is a key protective reflex.

Conversely, an unproductive ticklish cough, i.e.,a dry cough that does not produce any mucus, is just a torment. It typically occurs at the onset of bronchitis and occasionally remains long after a cold has been overcome. Liquefying the thick mucus in the airways brings relief enabling it to be coughed up more easily.

    Thyme: A multi-talent for coughs, too

    Thyme is vital for good cuisine: As an aromatic spice it not only makes many meals tastier, but also makes them easier to digest because it stimulates the production of saliva and gastric juices and therefore supports digestion. Furthermore, thyme acts as a germicide, making it so popular, especially in Mediterranean cuisine.

    The germicidal effect is also the reason why thyme teas are so popular for colds. But that's not all. Thyme facilitates expectoration by affecting mucus secretion and acts on the bronchi as an antispasmodic.

    Thyme for coughs and bronchitis

    Tussiflorin® Thyme Cough Syrup contains an extract from thyme herb. It helps to liquefy mucus and assist expectoration.

    Further advice for coughs

    • Drink plenty– preferably hot Drinks
    • Try a ginger-lemon tea: Boil water and fresh ginger, simmer the brew and add lemon juice. Then decant, sweeten with honey and drink as hot as possible
    • Inhale with essential oils or sea salt in the form of a steam bath
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