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Out of balance?

Minerals for the acid-base balance

Acids and bases have to be in balance for all the key metabolic functions in the body to run optimally. Acids are continually forming during cellular metabolism. Buffer systems ensure that an optimum pH value is nonetheless adhered to and that all enzymes work well.

  1. Do you eat a lot of meat, sausage and cheese?
  2. Do you eat little fruit and few vegetables?
  3. Don't you allow yourself any time for relaxed movement in the open air?
  4. Are you fasting?
  5. Are you just now attempting to reduce your body weight by dieting?
  6. Do you go in for intensive sport?
  7. Are you in a lot of stress?
  8. Do you have the feeling that your skin and hair have become less supple?
  9. Are you suffering from chronic inflammations?
  10. Is your urine's pH value continually acidic?

If you frequently answered "yes", you might have a higher burden of acid or the acid-base balance might not be equalized.

What does the body do about it?
A regulated acid-base balance is essential. So different mechanisms are available to the body:

  • intensified excretion of acid via the urine (recognizable by continually acidic pH value of the urine)
  • intensified consumption of the bicarbonate buffer in the blood
  • removal of buffer-substances and minerals from bones
  • deposition of acid in muscles (loss of mass, fatigue)
  • deposition of acid tissue (various consequences: Dietary crisis, pain, skin and hair problems)

To neutralize acids your body needs bicarbonate. The mineral zinc is critical for its formation and therefore for a balanced acid-base metabolism.

PASCOE base products supports you with: Zinc, calcium, magnesium and sodium:


  • Aged 4 or above
  • lactose-free


  • Aged 4 or above
  • lactose-free

Zinc helps to preserve normal

  • skin, hair, nails,
  • vision,
  • immune system function.

In addition, zinc helps to protect the body's cells against oxidative stress. Calcium and magnesium are key to energy metabolism and important for the muscles and bones.

  • Food is categorized as acid-forming and base-forming food.
    See here for a shopping guide.
  • Using pH-test strips for urine enables you to determine how your nutrition affects your urine's pH value and to document and observe your acid burden in the data sheet