More and more people would like a natural treatment based on Medicinal plants such as white thorn, valerian or chamomile which are used in herbal or homoeopathic remedies.
Traditional applications are for example "colds and infections", "heart, circulation and veins (hypertension, cardiovascular problems, arrhythmias, varicose veins)", "gastrointestinal problems" such as stomach pain, diarrhoea, or constipation or also the application area of "rheumatism and joints" – which can include arthrosis, arthritis or rheumatism.

In addition to phytotherapy (i.e. herbal medicine) and homoeopathy, other natural remedies are also playing an increasingly more important role in a variety of diseases and illnesses – naturopathy is more popular than ever. Are you also on the lookout for herbal or homoeopathic remedies, for example, for stress, sleep disorders, menstrual pain, headaches and migraines or depression? You can search for specific applications such as allergies and browse subcategories including hay fever on this page. In addition to the "classics", we also devote ourselves to other basic therapies of naturopathy, for example, the acid-base balance, the lymphatic system or constitutional medicine with homoeopathic complex remedies (Similiaplexes®).

Nature's treasure trove is wide open and offers effective medicine for your health and quality of life with minimal side effects. "Dr. Google" has long since become the second doctor for many people, but the Internet is full of information, which is incorrect in many cases.

Consult us, the experts for naturopathy for more than 120 years – we have been providing natural medicine since 1895. Here you can obtain medicines, dietary supplements and high-dose vitamin preparations that are produced in Germany, according to strict GMP guidelines and with great attention to detail. Hundreds of herbal and mineral Active substances, from A for arnica, B for bicarbonate, J for St. John's wort through to Z for zinc restore your body's balance and ensure well-being and sustainable health. Whether psyche, bones and joints, gastrointestinal tract, bladder and prostate – it's worth taking a look at our applications if you want to restore or maintain your health naturally.

Depressive moods & brightening of mood

Colds & infections

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Headaches & vertigo

Menstrual problems

The kidneys, bladder & prostate gland

Rheumatism & joints

Acid-base balance

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